Saturday, January 30, 2010

4 Feet Running - Ep. 72

It's the final 4 Feet Running! Which actually turns out to be the second-to-last 4 Feet Running. Again. It makes sense when you listen. This episode:

- Nik and Dan talk about why they're ending the show and their plans for the future

- They discuss what they thought would happen when they first started the show years ago

- Nik: "Now you have more time to run. So that means less griping?" Dan: "Not likely"

- They talk about the power of accountability to others, and how that helps

- Special guest appearance by their crazy neighbor who wants QUIET

- Nik has a comeback from her horrible bout of bronchitis and rib pain

- Dan's running plans in 2010 have changed again -- goodbye Hyannis, hello New Jersey

- Good running tip: register early for races now, because it's mental out there

- Science-based self-help with Richard Wiseman, author of "59 Seconds"

- Nik teaches you how to determine your child's personality using 3 marshmallows, and Dan describes how to lose weight using smaller plates

- Dan likes the new Nike Frees that Nik bought him as a special Martin Luther King Day present

- Nik and Dan review their 2009 year in running: more miles, more speed, more improvements

- Nik: "You wouldn't want to be at the top -- where would you go?" Dan: "I'd stick around there for a while"

- They read the results of the 2009 Feet Running Challenge

- Stay tuned for one more episode with just your feedback!


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