Tuesday, December 1, 2009

4 Feet Running - Ep. 70

It's Rocky II: Rock Harder as 4 Feet Running takes on the 2009 Philadelphia Marathon and Half-Marathon! This episode:

- Nik is raring to run the full marathon (her sixth) and Dan shrugs toward the half-marathon (his second)

- They stop by the expo for some race swag first

- Due to technical difficulties, there's no live race-day audio, but that doesn't mean there's no drama...

- Dan almost burns down their hotel room and/or almost floods it, all because of green beans

- Nik almost misses the marathon entirely, possibly because of cheese

- Then they can't find their corrals, the race announcer forgets about some runners, Nik and Dan skip the porta-potties, a pacer gets floored, and Dan accidentally goes 100% caffeine cold-turkey (which is BAD)

- Nik is plagued by hunger and thirst in the wilds of Fairmount Park

- Her rationale for eating and drinking all kinds of stuff she shouldn't: "How much more sick could I possibly get?"

- Dan sees nudity

- He runs with his eyes shut in the hopes of taking a brief nap on the road

- Nik continues her PR domination, and Dan just misses it because of a pit-stop

- Uncle Pfitzy is definitely her favorite -- Uncle Higgy's kicked out of the family

- Lousy advice on where to run in Massachusetts and where to eat in Philadelphia

- They make big race plans for next year and read some email from wonderful listeners