Tuesday, January 29, 2008

4 Feet Running - Ep. 26

The "worst podcast thus far"? Harumph! It's 4 Feet Running with Nik and Dan! In this 26th episode:

- Nik and Dan and the dogs go for a 3-mile run through an unfamiliar section of Providence, R.I.

- Nik talks about how she's feeling post-op, and how she's on the Couch-to-100-Pushups plan

- Dan turns into Cranky McCrankerson, and has a blast with his Shovelglove

- She describes her fartleks -- shaddap! That's what they're called!

- They speak wistfully of their lost youth and impending old age -- then talk about fartleks some more

- Nik and Dan read email and reviews from some very nice people and one meanie


Sunday, January 20, 2008

4 Feet Running - Ep. 25

Steak, lobster, and a 3-miler: It's the surf-and-turf episode of 4 Feet Running with Nik and Dan! In this 25th installment:

- Nik and Dan run through the streets of Fall River because it's snowy and nobody can be bothered to shovel

- Nik is well on her way back after having appendix surgery

- Dan discusses his recent slowdown in running and his new favorite weight-training device

- Nik buys shoes from a friendly running-store hermit

- They talk about how Fall River has the highest rate of diabetes in Massachusetts, and the city's weight loss challenge, and how lobster dinners don't help this

- Learn more about Portuguese American diets

- There's an embarrassing mixup on Buckeye Outdoors -- honest

- They read feedback from some very, very nice people, including get-well wishes and some more iTunes reviews


Saturday, January 5, 2008

4 Feet Running - Ep. 24

It's the 24th episode of 4 Feet Running, the first show of 2008! This week:

- Nik and Dan have plans to run the Hangover Classic 5K in Salisbury, Mass., and Nik prepares to do a polar bear plunge

- They don't, because Nik decides to have an emergency appendectomy instead

- Nik and Dan talk about her surgeon, whose name rhymes with a battery-operated adult toy

- Nik has a secret tip for getting to the front of the line at the ER

- They spend New Year's in the hospital watching "The Twilight Zone"

- It's The Year in Running as they go over their 2007 stats and make resolutions for 2008

- They read feedback from some very nice people and play a very special promo from Adam "Another Runner" Tinkoff