Monday, December 24, 2007

4 Feet Running - Ep. 23

Welcome to a very special Christmas episode of 4 Feet Running, episode 23! This week:

- Nice: Nik and Dan and their dogs go for a 3-mile slog down the slushy median of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston

- Naughty: Dan doesn't do so well at it

- Nice: Nik discusses her plans to do not one but possibly three marathons in 2008

- Nice: She also is planning to run various and sundry other races and do an icy New Year's Day ocean plunge

- Naughty: Speaking of things that are cold, Dan is super-grumpy because of bladder issues, traffic, and a startling lack of holiday cheer

- Very naughty: He restores it by trying to peek at his Christmas presents

- Very nice: They read some e-mails and mention some fans' blogs


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

4 Feet Running - Ep. 22

Welcome to the 22nd episode of 4 Feet Running with Nik and Dan! This week:

- Nik and Dan go for a 2.5-mile run over the icy streets of Fall River

- Nik gets called "adorable" by the lady at the post office

- There's a great deal of confusion over one of Nik's presents, upon which Dan suddenly cancels Christmas

- They suddenly realize they're living in Mayberry, USA, as they meet lots of friendly people on the street

- Dan describes a pleasant evening of being stuck in stalled traffic for six and a half hours

- They talk neti pots, giant schnauzers and American Gladiators

- Nik and Dan bid farewell to podcasting guru Adam "Zen Runner" Tinkoff


Monday, December 10, 2007

4 Feet Running - Ep. 21

Welcome to the 21st episode of 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Nik and Dan go for a 3-mile run through the winter wonderland that is Fall River's Oak Grove Cemetery

- Dan unveils his new Hal Higdon-approved training plan

- Nik continues to recover capably from her marathon and begins to plan her next running season

- They talk about how nice snow is -- love it or leave it, crabby New Englanders

- But ice is slippery and unpleasant

- They discuss the upcoming Christmas holiday and how Dan's much more into it than Nik is (for reasons which are very sad)

- Nik and Dan also wonder which superhero has the best, or stupidest, super power

- Some very nice people send in some great e-mail


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

4 Feet Running - Ep. 20

It's the 20th episode of 4 Feet Running! Hooray! This week:

- Start spreading the news: Nik and Dan run for 2 miles through New York City's Central Park

- They talk about their friend who literally ran away and joined the circus

- Nik feels better after a nasty cold left her in shambles after last week's marathon

- Dan's shoes announce their retirement

- They weigh the merits (culture) and demerits (cost) of living in Manhattan

- Nik and Dan wonder aloud exactly how tall Arnold Schwarzenegger is, given how much controversy there is on the subject

- Other oddities seen: Cirque du Soleil contortionists and ladies in fur coats drinking mimosas well before noon