Monday, February 4, 2008

4 Feet Running - Ep. 27

Unready for some football: It's the Super Bowl edition of 4 Feet Running with Nik and Dan! In this 27th episode:

- Nik and Dan take a bathroom break (they're remodeling their bathroom) to squeeze in a three-mile run down by the Fall River waterfront

- They leave a sore Stanley dog at home with Myrna to keep him company

- Nik is worried she's ill-prepared for the Half at the Hamptons next week

- Dan, having slept for 15 hours, is more chipper about it

- Somehow or other, they get on the topics of the early days of computers, middle school misogynists and journalistic ethics

- They shrug over the Super Bowl

- Nik and Dan may or may not meet a fan, but they do read feedback from nice people


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