Monday, December 24, 2007

4 Feet Running - Ep. 23

Welcome to a very special Christmas episode of 4 Feet Running, episode 23! This week:

- Nice: Nik and Dan and their dogs go for a 3-mile slog down the slushy median of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston

- Naughty: Dan doesn't do so well at it

- Nice: Nik discusses her plans to do not one but possibly three marathons in 2008

- Nice: She also is planning to run various and sundry other races and do an icy New Year's Day ocean plunge

- Naughty: Speaking of things that are cold, Dan is super-grumpy because of bladder issues, traffic, and a startling lack of holiday cheer

- Very naughty: He restores it by trying to peek at his Christmas presents

- Very nice: They read some e-mails and mention some fans' blogs


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