Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 Feet Running - Mojo Loco and 2010 Review Part 1

It's a very special episode of 4 Feet Running with Nik and Dan! Remember them? This episode:

- Nik and Dan are in St. Augustine, Florida, to run the first ever Mojo Loco 50-mile relay run to Daytona with 11 other friends from the online running community

- Special guest appearances by Adam Tinkoff, Maddy Hubbard, Steve Runner, Steve Chopper, Ed Marathon, Stormin' Norman, Marathon Chris, Susan Stout, Samantha UF, Chris Russell, and the Crazy Runner

- Nik and Dan ain't afraid of no ghosts

- You asked for it, you got it! More of that classic "4 Feet Running ear-splitting traffic noise roar" you love so well

- They talk about a few great developments in their running since their last episode

- Go on a Gallowalk with the Zen Runner, Maddy, and Dan

- What else do 13 runners talk about when they get together? Shoes, shoes, and more shoes

- Everyone nearly freezes to death ... in Florida

- Nik survives almost a whole day entirely on Boost liquid

- A little bit of a short leg at the end due to a calculation error, but after 12 hours of running nobody's complaining

- Stay tuned for Part 2, coming very soon, where Nik and Dan go over their 2010 year in review!


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