Thursday, May 21, 2009

4 Feet Running - Ep. 60

Have a second helping of chicken salad, with Part 2 of 4 Feet Running's Willow Tree chicken salad half-marathon in Providence! This week:

- Dan is struggling around the 7.5 mile mark while Nik is adjusting her knee brace and watching her Garmin Forerunner quickly lose battery power

- No tunnel shoutouts this time: Dan has the abdominal stitch to beat all abdominal stitches

- It's a good, bad, and ugly kind of race but have a great time, despite not getting a space blanket

- They get spotted from listener Tim at the finish line (sorry, it was hard to hear everything, Tim)

- How Nik and Dan's knees have held up since the race

- They read tons of feedback from lots of wonderful people

- It's a Voice-Mail-O-Rama!

- The mystery of why Dan is not the Chi Running guy


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