Monday, March 10, 2008

4 Feet Running - Ep. 30

It's a 4-miler in a van down by the river with 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Nik and Dan run for 4 miles through beautifulish Somerset, Mass.

- It's the longest Dan's run ever -- seriously, like, ever

- They talk about ugly houses and wild goose attacks

- Nik has some trouble sleeping and getting a good, decent run in

- Dan wonders if he should put Vicks Vapo-Rub on his nipples to clear his sinuses while he runs

- They discuss the pros and cons of video art and hoarding cats

- Dan is not the Man With A Plan, and Nik is deeply unhappy about Daylight-Saving Time

- They read feedback from some very nice people and plug a great charity for MS in case you'd like to donate

- APOLOGIES: Forgot to hit the Bleep Button on a few swears in there


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