Sunday, November 18, 2007

4 Feet Running - Ep. 18

This is the 18th episode of 4 Feet Running -- and Part 1 of a very special 2-part 2007 Philadelphia Marathon spectacular! This week:

- Nik and Dan travel hundreds of miles across the unforgiving wilderness of suburban Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania

- They discuss, and eat, junk food

- Nik and Dan stop in Scranton, Pa., home of Dunder Mifflin Inc., which because of a snafu doesn't get recorded

- They take a 2-mile run through downtown Philly to get Nik nice and limber

- Nik prepares to run her second 26.2-miler

- It briefly becomes 4 Feet Painting as they get into a highbrow art discussion

- Make sure to listen next week to see how well Nik ran the marathon!


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